EC Class Mailing Lists (

This server provides you access to your environment on mailing list server. Starting from this web page, you can perform subscription options, unsubscription, archives, list management and so on.

These lists are automatically generated from the NetAccount class membership lists. They may normally only be posted to by Staff members mail accounts; other non-UoA accounts may be able to be used depending on pre-arranged terms.

In general, you may not directly subscribe to one of these lists, as their membership is controlled by NetAccount. You may, however, unsubscribe if you wish. You will normally only be able to see lists for which you are already a subscriber.

If you want to create a list here, then you should do it via the NetAccount administration pages. Simply set the Mailing List options on a group, make sure it is exported to EC LDAP, and the list will be created that night.

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